Engineering Plastics

High and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


These are the trade names of Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products for its extensive range of virgin, partially reprocessed, coloured and filled High Density Polyethylene stock shapes, manufactured by extrusion and compression moulding. 

Main characteristics: 

- good wear and abrasion resistance (particularly PE-UHMW)
- high impact strength, even at low temperatures (particularly PE-UHMW)
- excellent chemical resistance
- low density compared with other thermoplastics(<1 g/cm3)
- low coefficient of friction
- excellent release properties
- very low water absorption
- physiologically inert (most grades are suitable for food contact)
- moderate mechanical trength, stiffness and creep resistance
- very good electrical insulating and dielectric properties (except for Cestilite)
- excellent machinability
- not self-extinguishing
- good resistance against high energy radiation

  • CESTILENE HD 500 (PE-HMW) : Colour: natural (white) / black
    Molecular weight of about 500,000 g/mol. This grade exhibits a good combination of stiffness, toughness, mechanical damping ability with wear- and abrasion resistance and can easily be welded. Cestilene HD 500 is a versatile polyethylene grade used mainly in the food industry (meat and fish processing) but it is also put to use in all kinds of mechanical, chemical and electrical applications.
  • CESTICOLOR (PE-HMW) : Colour: green, red, yellow, king’s blue, sky blue, salmon, orange and chestnut
    Molecular weight of about 500,000 g/mol. The Cesticolor HD 500 range of materials offers a series of homogeneous, attractive and food compliant colours which find particular outlet in the food and leisure industry. The property profile of these grades is practically identical to the one of Cestilene HD 500.
  • CESTILENE HD 1000 (PE-UHMW) : Colour: natural (white) / black / green
    Molecular weight of about 4,500,000 g/mol. Of all ultra high molecular weight polyethylene grades, Cestilene HD 1000 exhibits the best balanced property profile. It combines an excellent wear and abrasion resistance with an outstanding impact strength, even at temperatures below -200В°C. Its main fields of application are: general mechanical construction; bottling-, canning- and packaging machinery; chemical and electroplating industry; cryogenic equipment; textile industry and storage systems for bulk materials.
  • CESTIDUR (PE-UHMW) : Colour: blue grey
    Molecular weight of about 6,000,000 g/mol. The higher molecular weight and the particular manufacturing process of this material result in a PE-UHMW grade with superior wear and abrasion resistance. Cestidur has proven to be able to deal with the toughest bearing and wear jobs in all kinds of industries.
  • CESTILITE ASTL (PE-UHMW + additives) : Colour: black
    Molecular weight of about 7,000,000 g/mol. Cestilite ASTL has been specifically developed for the toughest anti-abrasion applications. The additives used also confer this material static dissipative (antistatic) and UV-stabilised properties. This reduces the risk of explosions when handling certain bulk materials on the one hand and make the material suitable for outdoor use on the other hand.
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